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There's heaps of books written about parenting. Luckily, I've read most of those so you don't have to..besides the truth is every parenting journey is unique. While you may relate to some material you read, most of your answers aren't written in a book. To better connect w/you child I am here to guide you to the realization that all of your answers & healing actually lie withIN you! Every interaction w/you child is designed to elevate your soul into growth that is beyond anything you could have ever imagined. What if I told you that your child/children chose YOU? Yes, they handpicked you in this life. Together you will experience soul lessons that were designed so you can level up to your Highest self & create connection between you & your child. This is where you question, what is a soul lesson? Your soul reincarnated on Earth to receive lessons in areas such as forgiveness, trust, acceptance, judgements, self love, patience, etc. and guess what Mama or Papa... your child is your greatest teacher. Your soul cannot evolve until it heals whatever is lacking in your own understanding. It is your birthright to experience joy along this journey yet in order to do so we must bring awareness to our unconscious parenting. How we react rather than respond shall determine the connection we share w/our child. Children are not the problem. Our unconsciousness is...our emotional inheritance & emotional imprints when left unhealed, trigger us. When we become triggered, we create a disconnection unconsciously. Our children awaken our own unresolved issues from childhood. You are not alone. In fact, almost all parents inevitably parent, unconsciously. When we begin the work of bringing awareness to our parenting skills we are given the opportunity to come from compassion using resources to self regulate our own unhealed emotions. We cannot access empathy if we are unable to practice self regulation. If we don't validate our own feelings & emotions how do we expect our child to acknowledge their own. You ARE worthy of parenting from your hearts center. Allow me the opportunity to help guide you & your family to a beautiful space of awareness steeped in possibilities. If feeling called & inspired to begin this journey, email me to begin this heart-opening journey. 

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