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Envision your child having complete access to their highest self...

> Does your child ever display signs of feeling anxious, anger or unsettled more often than you perceive usual?

> Does your child honor their emotions as they arrive in their energetic body or do they become frustrated in communicating how they truly feel?

> Is she/he utilizing their inner voice and using it effectively, openly communicating what they are feeling in a any given situation?

> Are you simply just interested in having your child cultivate a deeper connection to self & learn Mindfulness tools such as breath work, meditation, mantras, affirmations and setting intentions? 

Everything is energy. The plants. The animals. The air you breathe. YOU. YOUR CHILD. It is said that energy goes where attention flows. May we bring light to the aspects of your child that need to shine brighter. For that illumination shall help your child in all their relationships throughout their life journey. Your parental path does not need to be paved with difficulty. Parents have sometimes shared that they feel as though they have failed their child. Your child's behavior is not always a direct result of your parenting. Truth is children arrive Earth side blazing to travel their soul's mission to learn lesson after lesson. Learning to fully accept all parts of your child under every condition-including the occasional meltdown/tantrum is to truly love your child unconditionally. Reminding you that even adults have tools & resources yet still show up in a space of uncertainty. It is important that we don't expect these little humans to have it all figured out only having arrived just a few years prior. It's simply not the case. As a parent it is an honor to connect them to their highest self once they arrive Earth side. Grateful we live in an Aquarius Age where we have so many resources available to help assist us through this journey of Motherhood. I have created a program where I guide your child through spiritual practices based in Mindfulness, Heartfulness and soul alignment. Through utilizing these tools I help you navigate some of your family's deepest healing. During this process your family will begin to move forth confidently with the freedom to create space for joy to often be present. Begin envisioning what it would look like if the dynamic of your family shifted & transformed into a place of joy & ease. Children are small people with really BIG emotions. Letting go of any expectations and allowing your child the freedom to show up however they are feeling in the moment is vital to the growth of the relationship you share w/one another. Learning the value of truly holding space for all their emotions plays an important role in this process. Your child chose you so that each of you can learn to grow and access your highest self. They are here to awaken you. They are in fact, your greatest teacher. 

My goal throughout the sessions is to guide your child to that sweet space of creating what IS possible. I work one on one w/your child so that they can embody the true essence of the curriculum as they become more open & willing to tap into their soul expansion. The workbook sheets provided will allow you to ability to see the tools taught during each session. Reviewing the materials can help strengthen the bond between parent & child so that you can also embody the essence of the curriculum through your child's eyes. The object is that these seeds of knowledge are planted, rooted & through practice shall continue to grow. The Conscious Curriculum I created was designed in mind to help parents and children cultivate awareness and peace in the midst of any chaos. The tools they will learn can be used throughout their entire life. As a result, these techniques will help quiet their mind to bring forth conscious change and perspective in any given situation. It's as though you are giving your child the greatest gift of all, an EMOTIONAL TOOL BOX.   

What to expect

Our journey together will begin with a initial phone call to discuss & express any goals or immediate concerns you may have. During this call we will create a time/date in which I will come to your home to meet with you and your family. All sessions are held in your home. From there the magic begins... 



Session 1:

> Introduction of Singing bowl

> Mindfulness Bodies & Listening exercise

> Mindful Breathing/Breath work exercise

> Heartfulness ~ Sending Kind Thoughts exercise

> Body Awareness exercise

> Mindfulness of Breathing ~ Staying @ your Base

> Body outline introducing the 7 main energy centers.

> Identification of particular crystals associated w/each energy center.

> Instruction of the emotions that are held within each one & how to unblock any stuck energy.

> Guidance for cleansing/purifying & charging the crystals 

> Review of "The Adventures of Karma Cat" book

> Mindfulness workbook sheets pages 1 through 5 for the above lessons to be used after session to reinforce the tools practiced that will include Art therapy reflections

> Child will receive a crystal kit along w/additional Gem stones & a tool to use when working w/their energy centers.

> Child receives Plush Breathing Buddy used for Mindful breathing exercises


Session 2:

> Introduction of Singing bowl

> Mindful Breathing exercise

> Heartfulnes/Generosity exercise

> Thoughts exercise (past, present, future & first thought)

> Mindful Seeing exercise

> Breath work/Guided meditation

> Child receives a Lavender infused eye pillow to be used during meditation

> Heartfulness ~ Kind & Caring on the Playground exercise

> Mindfulness workbook sheets 6 through 9 for the above exercises to be used after the session to reinforce the tools practiced that will include Art therapy reflections

> Child will create Kindness affirmations

> Child will receive Mason jar for Kindness affirmations

> Review of "Listening with My Heart" book (teaching kindness & compassion)

> Instruction of Earth element song

Session 3:

> Introduction of Singing bowl

> Mindful Breathing exercise

> Emotions ~ Creating Space or Show Me, Tell Me exercise

> Slow Motion exercise

> Gratitude ~ Looking for the Good exercise

> Child will create Gratitude affirmations

> Child will receive a Mason jar to place their Gratitude affirmations

> Guidance in creating an affirmation necklace using small stones/jewelry materials

> Creation of personal mantras/affirmations to use during their own meditation practice.

> Mindfulness worksheets 10 through 12 for the above exercises to be used after the session to reinforce the tools practiced that will include Art therapy reflections

> Review of "The Other Side" book (teaching perspective)

Session 4:

> Introduction of Singing Bowl

> Mindful Walking exercise

> Mindful Eating exercise

> Mindful Test taking exercise

> Mindfulness workbook sheets 13 through 31 for above exercises to be used after the session to reinforce the tools practiced that will include Art therapy reflections + additional exercises/review

> Child will receive a Linen Crystal grid w/crystals

> Guidance in using Crystal grid for continuous growth moving forward to bring their hopes, dreams & intentions into pure manifestation 

> Child receives a small altar for reflection & honoring sacred items such as their gemstones & affirmation jars

> Conscious Communication will be introduced through positive Self talk in a call & response format using I CAN, I WILL, I AM.

> Instruction of Gratitude song   

> Child/Family will receive a 30 day Mindful chart to track particular areas such as Mindful Manners (please, thank you, appreciation & honoring gratitude), Mindful Listening ( honoring & acknowledging what is asked from parents/teachers), Mindful Eating ( being open to tasting new foods/aiming to eat the 5 food groups daily & honoring their body through making healthy choices) & Mindful Bedtime Routine ( brushing teeth, using restroom & staying in the bed). 

What are energy centers?

The seven main energy centers were first described nearly 2600 years ago in ancient sacred texts. Most of the current Western knowledge of the energy centers comes from an English translation of texts from the 10th and 16th centuries.  It is interesting to note that the seven energy centers described so long ago actually have a basis in anatomy, they correspond to five main nerve ganglia of the spinal column & two areas of the brain (upper and lower). 

Since these energy centers are indeed at the "center" of our physical bodies and involved with all of it's physical, mental, and emotional processes, it is easy to see why they are so important to our well-being.


If we have one or more out of balance it can lead to physical, emotional + mental dis-ease(disease). Keeping our energy centers aligned & unblocked can improve our lives on many different levels. For instance, if our heart center is blocked, we may have difficulty forming good relationships with our loved ones, or it may leave us feeling little empathy for our fellow humans. Or on the other hand, we may be *too* emotional, and take things too much to "heart" which can lead to unnecessary suffering, worry + anxiety. There is also some medical evidence that people who live happy lives have a decreased incidence of coronary heart disease, thus showing that a happy heart is a healthier heart! Understanding the relationships between our subtle bodies and our physical bodies can assist us to lead happier & healthier lives in our minds, body + spirit.

4 sessions, 90 minutes each

$444 ~includes ALL materials(approx. $146 value)

           Please note that any bookings done                      outside the City of Philadelphia will incur                     an additional travel cost of $80.


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