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 Additional Offerings

Women's Monthly Circles

Gather w/other women from within your commUNITY & surrounding areas to take an evening to exit from the intensity of what life can sometimes present. Grant yourself the permission to sit in circle, to REST, to SINK DEEPLY into a supportive web that we shall weave collectively month after month.

Each month presents a different topic & journaling prompt based around connection to self + community + partner + friendship + Mother Earth + work + social media + creativity + shadow work (those parts of ourselves we may feel shame around) & @ times our stored trauma. Recognizing that each of our Earth walks have consisted of trauma during some point throughout our journey, may we share/shed/release & process the ties that may bind us from moving forward w/grace + ease. 

The circle closes w/a guided meditation, a calming vibration of healing that can be absorbed to re-center & ground us as we go back out into the world/society, integrating all the energy that was shared w/one another. May we choose to arrive in circle w/an open heart + mind, allowing ourselves to remove any filter or mask that we may hide behind & reveal our true, authentic self. Vulnerability looks beautiful on everyone for it provides a bridge to the realization that we are all doing our best & when we share our own story, in turn we can often relate to another. In circle, it is revealed that we are all simply a reflection of each another. Often times being vulnerable can be triggering. Sharing our deepest thoughts can feel uncomfortable & raw. Moments where we find ourselves triggered can also be portals of deep healing, if we choose. Awareness of the possibility of becoming triggered is important when attending a circle. And honoring whatever arrives within your space is just as important. Encouraging participants to journal @ home after circle to process thoughts that may be lingering is helpful in the integrating that can occur. You may re-think why you shared what you did & how others may have judged you. This is part of the human experience. Lean into whatever you may feel. Honor each thought as it arrives. When we become triggered, we receive the opportunity to look @ what work we still need to do to allow our soul the freedom from our past experiences. If you have never sat in circle, know that there are no expectations. Simply by showing up, you have made the conscious choice to be in CONNECTION. Women have been gathering in circles for hundreds of years. Every human is here b/c a women provided the portal for their soul to arrive Earth side. We ARE an extraordinary, powerful source of their Earth side connection as we heal generational conditioning for all the women that shall arrive after us & those that walk among us. Gathering in circle we are reminded of who we really are...

Treat yourself to something divine. Give yourself the gift of Self love. If feeling called to create a softer existence in your world & the world around you, I encourage you to join me. Women supporting women.

Please email to inquire about cost of each offering

This offering is currently being offered in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia + Cherry Hill, NJ. 

PHILADELPHIA Registration can be found @

CHERRY HILL, NJ. Registration can be found @

~Additional locations will soon be announced.

Professional Development / Employee Appreciation 

Often times human experiences may stand in the way of allowing someone to show up feeling high vibrational within their workplace. What is happening outside of work or within the walls of any given business can hinder healthy relationships to form. Stories created from others in judgement can also form thus allowing a negative vibration to be felt. Support & morale can fall low. When given the opportunity to sit in circle w/colleagues & share/shed & release, participants are left w/a better understanding of the world in which their co-worker/s live. These circles are designed specifically w/personal communication from the Human Resource Dept. or the manager in order to address how to access an open line of communication where walls are broken down & bridges are built between those attending. There are several ways to create a beautiful circle such as but not limited to a Past/Present/Future ritual, Salt bowl ceremony, Gratitude mandala, etc. When booking we can discuss what offering would fit best to benefit all those who participate. 

Blessingway for a Mama-to-be

An energetic exchange of loving support for an expectant mama as she transitions into Motherhood. This gathering is designed with each individual in mind. It can be tailored to include ceremonial & ritual practices that help prepare a mama mentally, emotionally & spiritually for the arrival of the baby Earth side. Often times a Salt Bowl ceremony is held in honor of sending positive energy/wishes to the mother on her journey of giving birth. Each of us taking home a Mason jar of infused, sacred salts. We are guided to then bathe in these salts once we are made aware that the baby has arrived Earth side. The bath water + added salt represents all of our loving energy that shall surround this new soul & mama as they begin their Earth journey together. A birth altar is curated from each attendee of items they contribute such as but not not limited to: an affirmation card, beads, small statues/figurines, crystals, pictures, tokens of affection, feathers, etc. This altar is then re-created by their partner within their birthing room at home or in the hospital. During moments of needing support + strength the mother can look @ this altar & be reminded of all the love that is there energetically in spirit. A Postpartum jar of positive affirmations can be created for the mother. She will draw from this jar daily in MOMents of feeling the ebb & flow of postpartum. Please note that this ceremony can also be done for a mother who is birthing a baby through a surrogate, as it is still important for a mother to receive support regardless of how the soul arrives Earth side.

Salt Bowl Ceremony

A gathering performed in circle to honor the Divine Feminine & set intentions/feed energy to our spoken words. Using Epsom salts which are known to clear the energetic body each participant adds oils, dried flowers & herbs to infuse the salts. This particular ceremony can be tailored to be held @ any time during your Earth walk. It can be done on/around the New Moon as this is a potent time to set intentions. It can be held in celebration of someone's bEARTHday, in honor of the Winter Solstice (a time to honor thyself & move inward), Spring Equinox (planting seeds of intentions to grow & blossom) or the Summer Solstice (welcoming back the light within our life). It can also be done to signify a new beginning/transition such as a job or a new move as well as a way to honor an expectant mama during a Blessingway ceremony.

Chakra Candle Clearing

After tuning the chakras & opening each one individually, heat & fire from 44 candles (when being done in a group setting) & 22 candles (when being done in an individual coaching session) are used for transmuting any negative blockages stored in each chakra, helping to move out old, stagnant energy & welcome a clearing for the energetic body. Includes breath work.

Sacral Adornment Workshop

Join me in a reawakening. Gather w/other women in a safe space where we honor ourselves in a way that shall illuminate & ignite our desires as the Divine Feminine. The Sacral chakra is located approx. 2 inches below the naval. It is the energy center of our creativity, pleasure, sensuality, desires, intimacy, connection to self + any sexual relationship to another human.

~ Do you find yourself stuck in moving forward in any creative process that you wish to manifest?

~ Are you lacking the ability to desire yourself intimately or share your desires intimately w/another human?

~ Have you experienced trauma on your Earth walk that you feel may be directly correlated to you fulfilling your own self expression as a sexual human being? Such as yet not limited to: rape, sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion or surgeries that may have involved the female anatomy?


~Have you participated in fertility treatments and/or are interested in becoming pregnant & would like to bring focused energy to your womb space? 

Join me in taking back YOUR power, reclaiming what is YOURS. It is your birthright to allow your creative juices to flow freely from within you, out of you & into this world. EVERY human is walking their journey because through the portal of a women they arrived Earth side. Women are powerful beings. YOU ARE a powerful BEing.

This workshop will begin w/breathwork to center us from the outside noise. From there we shall journey into a journaling prompt to explore any stored energy/thoughts/beliefs & patterns. In a safe space of non judgement, unconditional love + acceptance we can lean into what it may feel like if we choose to want to share & release any of those emotions. Next, we dive into the practice of creating from our heART. Using elements from the Earth such as beads/precious stones + various crystals we will create our very own, Sacral adornment. This handmade piece of jewelry will be measured long enough to drape our bodies from hip to hip. Wearing this sacred piece will remind us to step into our power as the Divine Feminine. This workshop serves as a reminder that each of us have a HERstory that we carry yet what is to not be forgotten is that we also carry strength, courage, creativity & desires. 

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