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Hello & welcome to this space. Grateful to have you here. I am Kelly, Conscious mama to 3 beautiful beings. I began my journey into self discovery in 2004. Upon completion of intensive transformational studies I knew I wanted to continue my path to transform all aspects of my journey in this life. Having experienced the trauma of losing both my parents I sought the urge to find my soul’s purpose. Since then I’ve become a certified Mindfulness practitioner & have practiced with both children & adults including teaching the children @ our local school.

I am the Creatrix of the Philadelphia Moon Mamas & a women’s circle facilitator. I have experience in holding ceremonies such as Full Moon, an expectant mother's Blessingingway & Chakra clearings. Acknowledging my gift of clairvoyance since early childhood & utilizing this ability more since becoming a mother, I have coached women for years through soul empowerment. I am also well known for connecting & supporting women through sacred sisterhood. I believe all women are capable of opening their heart & mind to fully supporting other women & also supporting themselves. When we remove past conditioning, constraints & limiting beliefs we create space for all possibilities & opportunities to arrive in our space. We all have the ability to heal ourselves & that healing can found withIN. Sometimes we just need a rebirth, reset & refill to find it. When we give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are meant to be, it is then that we become EMPOWERED. Often times we are the only one that stands in our way. We are all simply souls on a journey, arriving Earth side traveling through life. Some will awake. Others may not. Yet we all arrive here to heal & to connect to who we are meant to be. Allow me to help guide you or your child to accessing your highest self. The ability to stand in your center. Your truth. Your own souls purpose...your own Earth side connection.

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